Expert advises against inviting 'plus ones' to weddings

Couples-to-be have been advised to only include their nearest and dearest on their wedding invite lists, as the reception is always best enjoyed with the people that really matter.

Wedding planner Celeste Perron acknowledges that compiling a guest list can spark a spirit of warm hospitality that can override common sense unless controlled.

However, writing for, she says inviting numerous ‘plus ones’ and the most distant of friends is illogical, as weddings should be spent with the people who have been there all through the journey of a relationship.

Ms Perron says inviting single people to bring their dates will also add to the cost of hosting the occasion, while the additional attendees may even force the couple to seek bigger, perhaps less attractive venues for hire.

Cited by, she urged couples to trust her that it’s the plus ones and distant acquaintances that often end up front and centre in the wedding photographs – yet they’ll probably sever all connections to the family before the honeymoon is over.   

“So make a rule about plus ones,” she said – suggesting that couples only invite people that have been going out with their partner for over a year. Alternatively, she recommended only letting members of the wedding party take up precious spaces on the guest list with their random dates.