Expert alludes to key points of a business meeting

Purpose, people, place and preparation are the four key pillars to a successful business meeting.

That’s according to management expert Charlie Hawkins, cited by Recruiter‘s Robert Kelsey, who believes deconstructing the humble business meeting and then creating strong foundations gets “the best out of [meetings].

“Starting a meeting without a purpose is like starting a journey without a specific destination in mind,” Hawkins added.

However, before the meeting is even held, an adequate conference space needs to be earmarked before discussions can begin. If the meeting venue is secured then it could be the catalyst for the perfect meeting – which makes many of us feel “most alive professionally” according to

“The room sets the tone for the meeting,” the website’s expert claimed. “If it is inviting, people will feel better and are likely to be better participants.”

Additionally, preparing others for the meeting with a set of rules and regulations will allay fears the meeting could be an informal car crash. For example, highlighting the actual meeting date, the place, the agenda, the people involved and any other notes (such as no phones) can create an effective agenda.

“Yet the most important aspect of the above is in stating the expected outcome. So all preparation, by all participants, is focused on this outcome,” Hawkins concluded.