Expert calls for more crossovers of conferences and exhibitions

More event organisers should consider putting together hybrids of conferences and exhibitions for the best results.

This has been urged by Piers Bearne, the head of Global Financial Conferences, who highlights that one in 20 conferences now contains an exhibition component.

However, he argued that more planners need to make their customers aware of how hybrid events work and why they should be investing in them.

Talking to, Mr Bearne said the convergence of large-scale events and exhibitions should be embraced – stating that firms who stop their large gatherings from entering the new model will be out-muscled by their competitors.

“The most important stakeholders are customers, who want engagement, connection and high-level contact; by they also want to attend events of scale, where they can meet the whole value chain in one place,” he commented.

With 18 years of experience in the events industry to his name, Mr Bearne said that due to this preference, attendees will always be interested in the converged model. Cited by, he claimed planners are getting confused about what conferences really are and that conference silos seem to represent the answer.

“I have to say that those experiments are not creators of shareholder value,” he added.