Expert gives advice on how to 'own' a business meeting

An expert has given out three tips on how to improve any board meeting immeasurably.

Narges Nirumvala, an executive speech coach writing for, believes that while many people dread the prospect of going to a meeting, the event can be improved through reading the agenda, practising talking points and using non-verbal communication to explain a point.

Nirumvala believes that as a leader addressing executives in a conference space, reading the agenda before the actual meeting can help.

“If you’re a busy executive attending the meeting, then either try to make time to read the agenda (even on your smartphone on the go) or have your assistant read it and brief you on the key points, particularly if you need to address the board on a particular subject,” she writes, cited by

Furthermore, leaders need to prepare talking points and practice them out loud. This reduces the chances of clumsily stumbling across points and being ‘found out’ with regards to preparation.

Finally, visual glances or gestures can have a complementary effect on a verbal speech.

“Plus they can convey how you feel with more tact, which is essential if you want to maintain good working relationships around the table. So use your hands with purpose and maintain good eye contact,” she added.