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Expert highlights technology which could affect events in 2013

Experts writing for have brainstormed a number of technologies that could become commonplace in meeting venues over the course of the next 12 months.

Tom McInerney, a ‘digital guru’ for the site, believes that meeting organisers need to maximise the value of smartphones and tablets carried by event attendees. With nearly 60 per cent of the UK population owning a smartphone, delivering content will be critical.

“Events can use QR codes to link real world information to digital content,” he added. 

Cashless cards and RFID wristbands could soon become the norm as large sale deployments become increasingly commonplace. Disney World in America, for example, could soon become cashless in order to ‘streamline visitor’s experiences’, according to

“…It’s only a matter of time before event customers start looking for bars and concessions accepting either cashless cards or RFID wristbands; this is simply because the purchase will be quicker and the risks associated with carrying a lot of cash around will be negated,” added McInerney.

Furthermore, an increasing number of events will start to re-use previous content from presentations and stage shows in order to help those who perhaps weren’t able to attend. Uploading this content to the cloud and making people use a ‘virtual ticket’ to gain access to the content could also be useful in keeping the event in people’s minds.