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Expert outlines meeting 'gameplan'

When hiring conference space to host a meeting, it’s important that all attendees are on the same wavelength.

That’s the advice given by Leiden Johnson, writing for, who believes that problems tend to arise when people ‘start to quibble’ over minor details that have very little relevance to the majority of people in attendance.

As a result, leaders need to have a gameplan in order to get the meeting to run as smoothly as possible. This way, when meetings are at their best, people can be ‘creative together’, cites

“If you want to conduct a meeting, make sure that you have all your agendas outlined as clearly and succinctly as possible,” he writes. “If, in the course of the meeting, you see a risk of the discussion being derailed to another topic, take control of the situation and set things back on the rails.”

In addition, leaders need to make sure that only essential personnel are invited to the meeting, as too many employees may spoil the proverbial broth. However, it is important that uninvited people know what happens if the meeting does concern company-wide changes.

“When you do things this way, you ensure that everyone gets heard without having to overcrowd the meeting room,” he added.

In conclusion, Johnson believes that leaders should not be wasting people’s time. Share what needs to be known during the meeting to those who need to know it.