Expert outlines staff meeting tips

A business meeting expert has outlined a number of top tips to help leaders craft the perfect meeting.

Eric P. Bloom, writing for, likens business meetings to a dentist appointment, claiming that leaders would rather be doing a thousand different things, but he also urges business owners not to underestimate the importance of the humble business meeting.

When it comes to maximising the benefits of a staff meeting, Bloom suggests starting a meeting on time regardless of attendance. This way, it sends a message to people that they should arrive to the booked conference space on time and it helps the meeting end on time, too.

Furthermore, an agenda can help attendees prepare for the meeting.

“Your meeting agenda should contain a schedule the amount of time to be spent on each topic,” writes Bloom, cited by “This has the dual advantage of keeping the meeting moving and allowing you to gracefully end discussion on topics because of time constraints.”

Bloom also advocates the use of snacks should the meeting be scheduled in the afternoon. He suggests it will help staff look forward to meetings because they know they will be getting a treat – like Pavlov’s dogs.

In addition, he adds: “Always end your meetings on time. If your staff meetings have a tendency to run late, it makes it hard for your team to plan the rest of the day.”