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Expert outlines tips on surviving dull meetings

Daydreaming and even nodding off during a dull meeting is a common occurrence for some but one expert has highlighted a number of tips to help attendees ‘thrive and survive’ business meetings. 

In a guest post for, lifestyle blog Brazen Life believes that instead of drawing inappropriate doodles on a notepad during a meandering meeting, express that artful creative streak about the meeting subject.

“For example, during the portion of the meeting about the upcoming expense report, doodle a spreadsheet with important names or symbols. Then, snap a photo and file for later,” writes the blog.

In addition, it remains important to focus on the speaker and the firm organising the event. Whether the subject is interesting or not, the chances are the firm has worked hard to book conference space for the event while the speaker has practiced their presentation for hours on end.

Finally, another way to beat boredom is to not take notes, but make action tasks. Instead of boring notes about “what other people are doing, give yourself a follow-up task list”, adds Brazen Life to

Not only will this give attendees a clear idea of what needs to be accomplished outside of the meeting, but attendees will also have pre-invested time in the to-do list.