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Expert outlines top tricks to improve meetings

A spiral of ‘frustration and inefficiency’ can form as a result of an unproductive meeting while poor meeting management can decrease morale, cites

Consequently, one expert has taken the time to outline a number of tips to help meeting leaders make their conferences the best they can be.

Chris Griffiths, a meetings expert writing for, asks meetings leaders: is this meeting even necessary?

“A meeting is meant to involve only those who directly influence and are accountable for the outcome. How often have you looked around the room only to question why half of the people are even there?” he said.

If the meeting is deemed necessary then it would be wise to appoint a chair of moderator, advises Griffiths. Delegating managing of a meeting can be a great way to show leadership and to give other employees the opportunity to show their expertise.

Griffiths also advises to make sure the topics covered in the meeting result in action items that are delivered to attendees afterwards. Should the leader need to book a conference space for a follow-up meeting after, the status of each action item should be reviewed.

A novel idea to hold attendees attention is to stand in a circle instead of sit down, he said.

“Avoid laptops, but keeps notes. Everyone focuses on the speaker and the materials, no checking e-mails or taking calls,” added Griffiths.