Expert outlines wedding trends to avoid

Sugared almonds, sachets of pot pourri and personalised memorabilia should stay well away from a wedding as they can make for cheesy, uninspiring gifts.

That’s according to a guest post by for by, which explains some of the worst wedding gift trends to crop up in recent years.

To keep a bride and groom’s wedding ceremony venue and wedding reception venue as classy as possible, suggests going nowhere near personalised gifts like socks and mugs.

“The idea of giving your guests a gift that they can use again and again after the wedding isn’t a bad one, it’s just; will your aunties, uncles and cousins really use a mug with a picture of you and your partner on? Or will it be lovingly stored away to gather dust?” claim the site.

In addition, sachets of pot pourri won’t win over wedding guests and will just stink up the venue. Men and children won’t be excited ‘in the slightest’ by this offering and female guests aren’t guaranteed to love it either. They will be just as easily discarded as napkins.

Other useless gifts include packs of cards, coasters and keepsake coins, cites So, instead of spending cash on ‘these bric-a-brac favours’, why not just put some money behind the venue’s bar instead, asks