Expert recommends doubling up in networking sessions

Networking at corporate events can be terrifying for the inexperienced, but going to work as a pair might help representatives with their nerves. 

Networking expert Andy Ellwood believes ‘tag-teaming’ at networking events can provide young delegates with a vital lift of self esteem, while says the prospect of competing with each other might also benefit their session.

Of course, jumping into conversations as a pair will only intimidate guests at the conference space. Writing at, Mr Ellwood advised attendees to split up and define a clear benchmark they both have to achieve before reconvening later on.

This could be anything from getting five business cards from new people to handing out five of their own.

Other tips included having an ‘SOS’ signal in case one person gets stuck talking to a salesperson, at which point another member of the duo would be able to remove their partner from the conversation.

Do-nots for tag-team networking included looking for a friend after every single conversation reaches its conclusion. Mr Ellwood said attendees should learn how to seamlessly drift from one talk to the next, rather than look across to their colleagues for approval.

Meanwhile talking to the same person at the same time should force one of the team to swiftly move on. However, later on, neither should attempt to butt into their friend’s talk just because their bored – mainly for the fear of blocking momentum.