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Expert recommends meeting face-to-face meetings with wedding videographers

Couples looking to book a videographer for their wedding have been urged to meet up with professionals in the field to avoid a potential disaster.

Writing at, filmmaker Rachael Givens urged people to always meet up with a videographer before they decide they’re worthy of capturing their big day.

Ms Givens said a couple should be looking for someone that’s passionate about what they do and easy to get on with. While some might deem the first point more important than the second, she highlighted that the videographer is there from the start of the ceremony right until the end, so getting someone that’s personable is a must.

Furthermore, a face-to-face meeting – perhaps at the wedding reception venue to check out the set-up – allows the couple to disclose their visions and ideas for the shoot. Ms Givens says her best work in this area of film has come when the couple has mentioned stories about their proposal and little details about their relationship.

This however only represents one stage of the research process. Cited by, Ms Givens also advises couples to watch previous films from the director to see whether they connect in an emotional sense, although doing this can also provide hints regarding the quality on offer.

Other tips included choosing a company that can offer a package deal, including filming, editing and a finished product, while thinking about costs was also advised.

“When it comes to paying for your videographer sometimes cheaper doesn’t mean worse and pricey doesn’t mean they’re the best,” she says. Due to this, Ms Givens advises lots of research into any potential candidate.