Expert urges workers to research their targets before networking

Recruitment expert Ken Sundheim has urged young professionals to research all of their networking targets in order to make the right impression.

Though conducting research on the location of the venue and revising the order of play might be standard practice for delegates at conference events, Mr Sundheim believes they should go one further and learn more about the people they could meet along the way.

For instance, employees could inquire about the companies that are definitely signed up to attend their event and try to establish exactly who will be representing certain firms. That way they’re completely prepared for meeting people as soon as they step into the conference space.

There is, however, one rule of thumb when attempting to network with fellow professionals in order to build up a contact list. Writing at, Mr Sundheim said workers should only try to contact someone once. He argued that one meeting was enough to form a working relationship or send someone firmly off the radar.

Cited by, he said workers can get the most out of networking with someone by writing down five goals they would want to achieve if they were that individual.

“Once you know someone’s motivators, you know how to effectively approach networking,” he concluded.