Experts say Channel 4 show 'Hotel GB' is boosting the hospitality industry

Experts have said that Channel 4’s new reality show, ‘Hotel GB’, is raising the profile of the UK’s hospitality industry.

It is thought that the show, which is raising money for employment charities, is boosting the demand for the likes of hotels, events venues and conference space in Britain – especially in the capital.

The show, which has been backed by London hotels, sees jobless people put through their paces at a celebrity-run hotel. Airing every night this week, the programme sees presenters, such as Gok Wan and Mary Portas, mentoring the individuals so that they are more likely to succeed with employment.

Hotelier Lorraine Fare told “Anything that raises the profile of the world of hospitality is a positive thing.”

She also said that the show was putting the hospitality market ‘in the limelight with a younger market’ due to its youth target audience, prime time slot and approachable format. The show managed to get 1.5 million viewers tuning in on its debut show – reaching to a peak of 1.84 million.

One of the celebrity mentors, Gordon Ramsey, said that he’s ‘never stopped trying to help young people break into the hospitality industry’, according to Mary Portas, who is acting as general manager, also said it was important to inspire people to get into the industry.