Experts unsure about high street wedding dress

High street fashion brand, H&M has unveiled a photograph of its first ever £59.99 wedding dress, but experts aren’t convinced it’s what brides want, reports.

Ask any bride-to-be about the most important aspect of their wedding and they’ll usually say “the dress”. According to Brides Magazine, this essential can cost on average £1,340 – creating a hefty dent in the wedding budget. Now, Swedish retailer H&M has announced it will sell a stylish and inexpensive gown in its stores.

Described as ‘a glamorous, 1930s Hollywood-inspired wedding dress’, the floor-length white gown features a pleated bodice and waistband, plus a sheer, beaded sleeveless top panel. The considerable savings made on this frock could go a long way towards a grand reception or honeymoon. 

However, wedding experts are questioning whether real women would go for a dress that’s already been splashed all over the Daily Mail website. Wedding planner Carrie Mitchell claims that most brides don’t want to be seen in something that everyone has seen and that H&M would have been better advised to launch a whole collection of dresses, not just one.

The sentiment is shared by The Wedding Editor, Pippa Vosper. Cited by, she said she was in two minds about the budget dress: “It’s great to have the option for such an inexpensive dress, but a bride has to look like she’s in the most special dress she will ever wear”.

H&M meanwhile insists its intention was to allow all brides, no matter their financial situation, to have a ‘great and affordable wedding dress’. The gown will hit the shops later this month.