Face-to-face meetings "important" for building a customer base

Advice has been offered to businesses looking to hold a successful face-to-face meeting after one analyst said they were an important way to generate new custom.

Writing for guardian.co.uk, blogger Marion Gamel explained that even in an environment where services such as Skype or Twitter allow instant, global interactions, little can actually beat getting together and meeting people in the flesh.

In light of this, Gamel offered business leaders advice on how to get themselves in front of a potentially lucrative audience and how to ensure the event is a success.

Firstly, Gamel warned readers not to publish information on the event until it has been properly organised. Such considerations as themes, potential event venues, entertainment and refreshments all need to be decided upon before sending out the invitations. To ensure the meeting goes off without a hitch, Gamel said organisers should endeavour to think of everything they can so there’s no nasty surprises further on down the line.

Elsewhere, event organisers were urged to make use of all the tools possible to promote the event. Email and social networks can be effective ways of building interest before the big day, whilst surveys given to delegates once it’s all over will offer areas to improve upon next time.

“Offline interaction remains an… important medium for retaining and building a customer base,” features.rr reports Gamel as saying.

“Face-to-face contact is still invaluable. So for many, the question is: how can you drive this interaction? The simple answer is through events. Host networking evenings, tastings, showcases… whatever works for your business sector. Put simply, take the people you’re meeting online, offline.”