Face-to-face meetings key in decision-making

Businesses overwhelmingly prefer face-to-face meetings over virtual meetings when it comes to making key decisions, new research claims.

Nine out of ten respondents in a new report by corporate hospitality firm Keith Prowse prefer face-to-face communication when making critical decisions over virtual meetings with prospective partners, clients, conference delegates and so forth, writes citmagazine.com.

The report – ‘Why Face-to-Face Interaction Means Business’ – also found that 90 per cent of company directors, managers and other decision-makers, prefer face-to-face contact because they believe it brings greater accountability than virtual meetings. The latter were preferred by under five per cent of respondents.

Corporate venues are the most desirable place in which to build business relationships, according to 75 per cent of those quizzed, as opposed to traditional board room settings, added incentivetravel.co.uk.

Key benefits of face-to-face meetings cited in the study include better gauging situations through body language, as well as greater engagement and inspiration.

Keith Prowse’s managing director, Andrew Hodgkins, commented: “As we represent some of the most prolific dates in the sporting and social calendar, our research is often viewed as a litmus test for the industry. It’s imperative that we continue to identify market trends and it is encouraging to see the value that companies are placing on corporate hospitality.”