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Face-to-face meetings still key to developing business relationships

With email increasingly becoming the number one method of communication, a number of experts have come out in defence of the humble face-to-face meeting.

According to edmontonjournal.com, a new survey suggests email is the primary method of communication among executives when it comes to professional networking.

However, some experts are questioning the ability to effectively accomplish a task by email alone. A face-to-face meeting, perhaps booked in a conference space, could produce a more meaningful business relationship.

David King, the Canadian president of Robert Half Management Resources, said: “While the ease of sending email allows professionals to connect with their contacts quickly and easily, it shouldn’t be a substitute for more traditional approaches.

“Participating in face-to-face dialogue is still fundamental in developing successful connections, particularly for business development and hiring purposes,” he added, cited by calgaryherald.com.

Business and management consultant Daniel Firther also suggested executives can “gain certain things” from meeting in person that just don’t happen in email. A look in the eye can form a real bond that could lead to “personal, professional and future business growth.

“It’s easy to give into the concept that technology is the most efficiency and effective way to keep in touch, but it shouldn’t be the only way. Cultivating relationships isn’t something you can fake your way through via email. It has to be seen as being authentic,” he said.