Feel Jewish for a day with Purim, urges Rabbi

People are being encouraged to get into the Jewish spirit for a day by celebrating the festival of Purim.

Rabbi Moshe Waldocks wrote on his Huff Post Religion blog that the day – this year celebrated today (March 7th) involves gifts of pastry and fruits to neighbours as well as presents to the poor, but also involves masquerade outfits.

For people who are holding a celebration at event spaces, their choice of costume is said to be revelatory of their true nature, with people able to exhibit hidden truths, explained Rabbi Waldocks.

He said: “On Purim we flip reality on its head. Like a reversible parka Purim pulls us inside out. Creating the ying to the yang of Torah, providing the raucous background to the saga of the Jews, Purim revels in [the] revelation of the hidden.”

While it is a religious occasion, Rabbi Waldocks stressed that people can celebrate it by “singing, dancing eating and drinking”, as long as they do so in a state of “expanded consciousness”.

All Voices writer Sherrill Fulghum explained that Purim remembers the exposure of a plot to eliminate the Jewish population, when believers think of those less fortunate than themselves.

She pointed out that the day is special as it is one of the rare occasions when individuals are expected to become a little tipsy.