Females need to make voice heard in meetings

Ladies need to make their voices heard during business meetings in order to bring their point across.

That’s according to Mariette Rups-Donnelly, writing for dymanicbusiness.au, who suggests that in upcoming board meetings, weekly staff meetings or even just an important client one-to-one in a conference space, women need to be switched and ready to go.

“Preparing physically, vocally, intellectually and emotionally will help ensure you deliver the same confident message through all areas of your personal presentation,” claims Rups-Donnelly. “It is when your message isn’t constant across all these areas that people will start doubting your intentions.”

As a result, Rups-Donnelly has outlined some tips which allow women to make themselves major players during a meeting. For example, it’s important for normally-shy females to sit near towards the most powerful or influential executives at the meeting in order to be seen a key player.

Furthermore, in order to enter a heated conversation, females are being advised to ‘raise your voice momentarily’ in order to get attention, but then drop it down to normal levels. As a result, females are able to get the attention of the room without ‘seeming out of control’ themselves.

Rups-Donnelly explains further: “While many people associate power with masculinity, there is no need for a woman to lose her femininity just because she wants to be heard in the boardroom.”

Her comments coincide with an article by Sue Shellenbarger for wsj.com, which suggests that in order to keep a meeting on track, leaders need to set aside time for ‘naysayers’ to raise objections, then focus on making a decision to move forward.