Feminist weddings on the rise

More brides could be opting for a “feminist wedding”, where traditions and customs are eschewed in favour of something more modern, inagist.com reports.

The typical wedding is known for its numerous traditions, including white or cream dresses, the exchanging of vows and brides being walked down the aisle by their fathers. This could all be set to change, however, if the ever-rising trend for feminist weddings continues to soar.

A typical feminist wedding does away with all the traditions, regardless of how steeped in history they may be, in favour of a more equal approach.

The “giving away” of the bride is shunned as this is deemed to be presenting the woman as though she’s an object. In addition, whites, creams and pastel colours are out, replaced by more vibrant hues or even blacks. Similarly, feminist brides-to-be may look somewhat incognito when searching out their ideal wedding reception venue, as they won’t be wearing an engagement ring –  this is seen to label them.

Then, once the marriage is over, feminist brides look set to keep their surnames instead of taking the husband’s. It is thought that as many as a quarter of all brides were giving thought to keeping their names.

Explaining the trend, Elki Parmar of weddingdays.co.uk told dailymail.co.uk: “Some of the brides we have spoken to are doing things that they feel make their wedding more ‘feminist’.

“That could be reflected by deciding not to be given away, the idea being that one of the connotations of this tradition is that the woman is property to be given.”