Fewer exhibitors making a loss, report finds

The number of UK exhibitors who are suffering from profit losses has dropped dramatically over the course of the year, according to research.

In what could be seen as positive news for conference space bookers, analysts Plimsoll Publishing found that the number of exhibition companies making a loss dropped from 307 to 235 in the past year.

Plimsoll’s senior analyst David Pattison had further good news for the exhibition industry, which has faced a tough economic climate in recent years.

Speaking on ExhibitionNews.co.uk he revealed that of the 661 exhibition organisers and suppliers, 60 so-called “high profit” companies existed. These firms had average profit margins of 20 per cent, far outperforming the industry average of just five per cent.

“When we examined profitability in the exhibition services market last year, we found millions of pounds worth of profit being wasted,” Pattison explained.

“It’s quite remarkable that so many companies have managed to rebuild their profitability during the worse trading conditions in recent memory.”

Pattison added that sound management must be the reason why these companies have been able to buck the majority trend. However, Event Magazine additionally notes that the company are keeping an eye on nearly a third of the polled companies whom have not fared so well, posting losses.