Final day of the Premiership season looms

The final day of the Premier League football season looks set to be a nail-biter for many sets of fans this year.

All 18 sides in the league play their last game on Sunday (May 13th) at 15:00 and the number of key positions still up for grabs means there will be a lot of nervous supporters in pubs or function venues as the afternoon wears on.

John Ashdown wrote on that the most high profile battle will be for first place, with Manchester United and Manchester City both vying to win the top prize. The former need the latter to drop points against QPR, while making sure they beat Sunderland, if they are to overcome their neighbours.

Some other important issues are the settling of the final relegation place between QPR and Bolton Wanderers, while back towards the top of the league Arsenal, Newcastle and Tottenham Hotspur seek to claim two possible Champions League positions – if Chelsea win this year’s final then just one of these spots will mean entry into the top European competition.

Writing for, news reporter Greg Stobart suggested there has never been so much at stake on the final day of a Premier League season, adding: “There have been some outrageous, magical days this season. And, without doubt, there is one more left.”