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First minutes of a meeting crucial to future business relationship

Like meeting someone for the first time outside of work, first impressions are absolutely key in the business world as it could help strike up a good business relationship in the future.

Writing for, business meetings expert Jo Haigh suggests that when meeting an important client, looking the part “really matters”.

In addition, businessmen and women should also take the time to research whoever they are meeting. This could include looking at their social media activity and researching their cultures, values, mission and vision.

When entering a conference space with a view to discussing business, it’s important to try and have an “equal amount” of people on each side, cites

“Once you start the meeting, invite each side to open with their own summary of their interest and reason for the meeting,” writes Haigh. “Ask what they are hoping to achieve.”

As the meeting comes to an end, a number of follow-up steps need to be agreed. Depending on the type of meeting this can vary wildly – a positive meeting could lead one side to proactively call in the future while a negative one could ensure ties are severed, claims Haigh.

“Always follow up ASAP as delays in responses are never positive,” she added, though does concede a courtesy call regardless of the meetings outcome is welcome.