Five million tune into Gypsy wedding special

Five million people tuned into Tuesday night’s ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas’, a spin-off of the ever-popular ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’.

According to, the programme boasted a 20.5 per cent share of all Brits viewing television at 9pm and demonstrated how these over-the-top weddings become even more lavish during the festive season.

Mail Online gave a run-down of the special edition, stating that: “It appears the travellers plan bigger bashes, larger dresses and even grander festivities for their Christmas nuptials.

“And the hour-long episode didn’t disappoint, as the most extravagant dresses were unveiled, while a number of families partied in more astonishing style.”

Choosing lavish event venues, dresses of an extraordinary circumference and colourful decorations, travellers are renowned for their unusual wedding celebrations. However despite all of this, one bride wasn’t so happy, given that she had to wait for an hour whilst her husband-to-be got merry in a local pub.

Arriving 60 minutes late to his own wedding, the pair eventually were married; with the bride admitting: “He is really shy so if he wasn’t drunk, he wouldn’t go up to the altar.”

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star Paddy Doherty made a special appearance on the programme too, shown spending his first Christmas without his children.