Focus on improving skin condition before wedding day

Brides should focus on improving the condition of their skin in preparation for their wedding day makeup, Kelly Lloyd-Sanderson of beauty company Arbonne recommends.

Writing for, Ms Lloyd-Sanderson says to cleanse every morning and night to open up the pores. Use foundation on the wedding day to conceal any blemishes, but she notes different shades might be needed.

“For example, broken capillaries may require a slightly darker concealer than a small blotchy patch of skin,” she explains. “Using this less-is-more approach will create the appearance of fresh, natural skin without creating a ‘caked on’ look.”

Nick Barose, a makeup artist for the stars, notes on that brides shouldn’t forget about their necks when it comes to foundation. If they do, their face could appear to be a different colour from their neck in the wedding photographs.

Ms Lloyd-Sanderson suggests preparing for those weepy moments by applying waterproof mascara, as it’s likely the bride will start crying once her father or new husband gives their speeches. She adds that faces can appear shiny in photos where a flash is used, but mattifying powder can reduces the likelihood of this.  

Brides should also tailor their makeup according to what sort of wedding dress they’re wearing. For example, if they’re wearing a strapless dress, they should use a bit of bronzer to make sure that their face is the same colour as the rest of the skin on show.