Follow your heart if you’re planning an offbeat wedding

A website dedicated to helping couples realise their dreams of having a quirky wedding has detailed how one couple held their very own vintage camping wedding.

As reported by Offbeat Weddings, Victoria and Fritz from Forks had a truly original wedding day, from the moment they sent out the invites.

Bride Victoria said their wedding was unique because they did exactly what they wanted to do. “We started this by sending out our save the date, in which we are naked with only fruit covering up my chest,” she explained.

The wedding dress was designed by Victoria, and they slept in campers. “My favourite moment of our wedding was watching all the guests work together to help create and set up our wedding,” said Victoria. “The best part was to witness friends and family who didn’t know each other interacting and working together to make our wedding possible.”

Their unique wedding reception venue was a field, but that’s not something many couples can choose for England, thanks to the unpredictable nature of the British weather. Instead couples can opt for historic venues to soak up that bit of culture on their big day.

The couple even made their own chairs from logs, which Victoria said was the biggest challenge they faced. It took them ages to come up with the idea of cutting log rounds, putting padding fabric on them and tying them with twine.

However, Victoria said that as fantastic as her day was, guests did express concern that they weren’t having a traditional wedding. Her advice for couples planning their wedding is: “Do what you want, not what your mum, dad, friends or relatives want you to do.”