Forecast puts dampener on outdoors NYE celebrations

Tonight’s weather forecast has revealed that mist and lingering fog is likely to put a dampener on outdoor celebrations and fireworks displays, caused by warmer air reacting with the frozen ground.

Those who planned a night of outside celebrations won’t greet the news warmly, as it’s been revealed that fireworks displays, such as the traditionally dazzling one over the Thames, won’t be so spectacular this year.

Mark Seltzer, Met Office forecaster, said: “The general outlook is quite murky and fog combined with low-lying cloud is going to prove problematic for fireworks displays.”

The Press Association reports that visibility will be affected by this evening’s weather. “People will still be able to see fireworks,” explained Aisling Creevey from MeteoGroup, “but perhaps not as spectacularly.”

Those who will be warmly celebrating New Year’s Eve in event venues might find themselves suddenly more popular, as some people will choose to join the party instead of standing in the cold and watching a bleak sky.

Whilst the event venues will be unaffected, those driving to parties have been urged to take care when travelling in the fog. The RAC advised: “Motorists should drive appropriately and leave plenty of distance between the vehicle in front.”

The good news is that it’ll stay dry, and it’ll be relatively warm with temperatures in London creeping up to 6C.