Former Archbishop decries UK's celeb wedding culture

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has warned that focusing on making a wedding day absolutely perfect could end up being somewhat detrimental, reports.

Turning his sights on glitzy celebrity weddings, Dr Williams advised against members of the public trying to follow suit, labelling them “short-term, unimaginative [and] emotionally unintelligent”. Not finished, he also lambasted the rise in pre-nuptial agreements, which he said undermines the trust on which such a union should be based.

In short, Dr Williams claimed that marriages of today were seen by many to be day-long events, not lifetime commitments.

Despite these claims, it appears that marriages are now more successful than they have been in recent years. The debate at which Dr Williams was speaking was also informed that 58 per cent of marriages now end with the death of a spouse – down from closer to half reported since the turn of the century.

The former archbishop did make similar comments himself, however, noting that the majority of children are still born to married couples and that marriage is still seen as culturally important, even at a time of increasing secularisation.

Concerning the law and its entry into the world of marriage, reports Dr Williams as saying the “primary function of the law is to protect rather than promote marriage”.