Forward planning could save wedding guests hundreds

Forward planning can save wedding guests hundreds of pounds, according to While it’s common knowledge that the wedding itself can cost thousands, it’s also pricey for guests.

With some careful advanced planning however, wedding guests can save the pennies and still have a great time. Hen and stag dos often take place abroad, costing extra cash for flights and spending money. Similarly, a wedding gift for the happy couple soon sees the price adding up.

Founder of wedding site, Sophie Trinick says booking in advance for things like travel to the wedding reception venue and the hotel for the night can add to the savings.

She said: “The key to making savings as a guest is forward planning. Try to get early deals on transport and hotels.

“As for presents, if you’re creative you could always ask to help the couple with invitations or offer to make their cake, which would save them a huge amount and hopefully save you too.” reports that investing in accessories can help to save some money, allowing guests to wear the same outfit to several weddings.

Statement items like hats and shoes can change the look of an outfit, meaning guests don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe for each wedding.