Foursquare to reveal event check-in details

Social networking service Foursquare is set to allow users to check into events as well as venues, according to Techshout.

The service, designed to let users brag about their current location – whether it be event venues, famous landmarks or stadiums – is partnering with ESPN, Songkick and MovieTickets to allow users to flaunt their whereabouts.

Currently, the service only lets users check in to specific locations. However, Foursquare will now be allowing users to check into gigs, football matches and other events.

Ian Hogarth, chief executive of Songkick and one of the new partners of Foursquare, elaborates on the new service: “When you check in to live music venues, it’ll now display the bands playing there – the why along with the where”, cites The Guardian.

In addition, the new affiliates of Foursquare will provide other information to the service. For example, if a user is at the cinema, the new service will also provide a summary of the movie currently being viewed.

Over the next few months, the firm have said users will be able to check into more than 50,000 pre-loaded events with many more to arrive soon. The event in question will be posted on Foursquare a few hours before it kicks off, automatically including the location and venue data.

The event check-in is available now for the iPhone and through the official Foursquare website.