French air traffic strike called off early

A strike held by French air traffic controllers has come to an end earlier than expected.

Originally, it was planned that the strike would continue until the weekend (June 29) but the Unsa-ICNA union brought it to an end three days early. The union said this is because the government had realised how vital it is to invest in the sector, reports

The strikes have caused mass disruptions for several airlines, including EasyJet and Ryanair. EasyJet was forced to cancel 20 per cent of its flights travelling in and out of France on Wednesday. In a statement, it said it hopes operations will be almost back to normal today (June 26).

“The level of disruption caused over the last two days is likely to have some knock on effect throughout today, so regrettably we could still see a number of delays while we fully recover, but we are working hard to minimise any impact to our customers,” it explained.

Ryanair also stated that its scheduled flights will run normally today and that any affected customers have been contacted via email and SMS, reports

Although the strikes have come to close, anyone travelling to or from France over the next couple of days should check with their airline first.