Friday's the best day for meetings, says survey

An increasing number of work meetings are taking place on a Friday than any other day of the working week, according to new research from Doodle.

By analysing scheduling patterns from its 10 million user base, which includes 500,000 users in the UK, Doodle found that the further in the week a booking for a corporate meeting was made, the more likely people would accept the invitation.

As a result, 25.4 per cent of those surveyed are tending to book meetings, whether it’s in the in-house boardroom or at meeting venues in the local area, on a Friday.

Monday proved to be the most unpopular day in the survey as just 12.3 meetings take place on the first working day of the week, reports

Tilman Eberle, employee at Doodle, commented on the research to “The further a week goes on, the more likely people are to accept a meeting. With people getting back into the swing of the working week on a Monday, they are less keen to accept newly scheduled meetings.

“The idea that people wind down for the weekend on a Friday does not appear to be true and perhaps Friday post-work drinks are needed to recover from all the meetings people have taken part in that day!”, he added.