Further details of Team GB parade revealed

Details of Team GB’s celebratory parade have been released.

The parade will begin at 13:30 at Mansion House on September 10 and travel along Queen Victoria Street, Cannon Street, Fleet Street and into Trafalgar Square.

The parade will then continue through Admiralty Arch into The Mall towards the Queen Victoria Memorial, although this section of the parade will be reserved for VIPs who have contributed to the success of the Games.  

According to freshbusinessthinking.com, there will also be a big screen installed at Nelson’s Column where fans can enjoy a party atmosphere and watch footage of their heroes touring around the capital.

Many of the function spaces and party venues London has to offer could well be arranging their own celebratory events for visitors to enjoy after the parade finishes.

In an interview with guardian.co.uk, London mayor Boris Johnson predicted that the parade would attract huge amounts of sports fans to the capital.

He said: “No sporting heroes will have been more lauded, no achievements more celebrated, and no nation more passionately proud than at the ‘Our Greatest Team’ Parade, which will sweep through central London in a glorious miasma of colour, noise and excitement.

“This is a chance to celebrate the heroes and heroines who have thrilled us with their skills, sportsmanship and grace during London’s spectacular Olympic and Paralympic Games, and whose names and triumphs will live on for centuries to come.”