Further Olympic benefits shared by Mayor's office

A £10 billion boost to shops and restaurants is just one of the number-crunching highlights the Mayor’s tourism office has released to ramp up excitement about this summer’s biggest events.

Citing the latest batch of numbers from London & Partners, Express.co.uk says that the majority of this wealth will come from the 12.7 million people who plan to visit the capital this year for the Queen’s Jubilee and Olympic events.

Hotels also look set to be packed to the brim this summer. A spokeswoman for Travelodge confirmed that of its 53 London hotels, with some 7,200 rooms, most are sold out for the Jubilee. However she added that there is some scant availability during the Olympics.

It’s a good thing that at least some people will have somewhere to rest during the event, because when it comes to day-time spectacles and late-night party venues, London has got lots up its sleeve.

An outdoor concert at Buckingham House for example, featuring Sir Paul McCartney and Kylie Minogue, will see tens of thousands of guests littering The Mall. A thousand-strong flotilla in aid of the Queen’s Jubilee, meanwhile, will similarly see just as many line the banks of the Thames.

Commenting on the grand year ahead, Gordon Innes, chief executive of London & Partners, said: “The forecast is fantastically encouraging for London as we prepare to welcome the world.

“People are keen to visit the city, whether to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime events taking place this year or simply to enjoy our world-class attractions,” he added, cited by TreeHugger.com.