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Gamification the key to boosting engagement

Event planners have been told to ‘gamify’ their future exhibitions in order to boost their levels of engagement, reports  

Researchers at Durham University Business School are pointing to gamification as a way of helping organisers interact with their audiences and ensure they’re satisfied with their experience.           

It’s predicted that by 2015 competition and reward will be a key mechanism in engaging audiences and enabling companies to gather more information about their customers, reports

Though still in its infancy, the group is claiming that gamification is perfect for marketing professionals – turning what could be a passive marketing experience into an interactive one.

The researchers are set to host an international workshop in London on December 5 in order to explain how gamifaction can offer a return on investment, provide quality and enhance learning at events.

Representatives from the institution will offer presentations of research for both academia and industry before holding a Q&A session. 

Lord Stephen Carter, CEO of Informa, is chairing the discussion and believes their presentation of research will help bring business models and events into the 21st century.   

“In an inter-connected world, to play is to participate regardless of device, platform or geography. Intense and individual participation is the premium that all conference and events businesses are seeking to create,” he added.