Gatwick passenger numbers rise six per cent year-on-year

Gatwick’s passenger numbers rose by six per cent in July, compared to the same period the previous year, new figures from the airline show.

Some 4.1 million passengers passed through Gatwick airport in July, whereas 6.97 million travelled from or to Heathrow airport – a 0.5 per cent increase on the previous year. Both airports argue that their latest figures show they need to expand, rather than their rival, reports

Nick Dunn, Gatwick’s chief financial officer, believes that a new runway at Heathrow would mean British travellers have less choice. Meanwhile, an expansion at Gatwick would boost competition and keep airfares low.

Fred Dixon, New York’s newest tourism boss, has praised Heathrow Airport, stating that it’s better than New York’s JFK.

In an interview with, Mr Dixon said: “London is in the best shape I think it’s ever been in. It’s clean, it’s safe, and very welcoming. I’ve never waited in line more than 30 minutes at Heathrow, even with the volume they do. The sense of arrival is something that we Americans can learn from and strive for.”

He added that business travel is doing well in London thanks to the strong business community. Moreover, the tourism boss also had plenty of praise for London’s taxi drivers, which he said are one of the city’s best assets.