Gay marriage bill set to be passed after succeeding in the Houses of Parliament

Gay marriage could soon be on the cards, with ceremonies expected from next summer, reports.

The bill to allow gay marriage looks to have overcome its toughest hurdle after it was passed through the two Houses of Parliament. Now, the Queen’s Royal Assent looks to be all but a formality.

All three of the main party leaders gave their support to the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, with minor dissent largely coming from the back benches. It was passed through the House of Commons before being read by the Lords, who also gave their consent, barring a few minor changes.

The small amendments were accepted by the House of Commons, which means that it looks to have a clear pathway to becoming enshrined in law.

The issue isn’t wrapped up entirely in same sex marriages, however. There is expected to be a review into whether the Humanist Group will be permitted to carry out godless marriages themselves.

With the law set to be passed, gay couples up and down the country are thought to be already in the process of planning their wedding – looking at function venues and food menus – to enable them to be among the first to legally tie the knot next summer.

Speaking after the bill was passed, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, who supported the bill throughout, told that the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community could now feel “recognised and valued, not excluded.”