Get staff excited at training days

Employers should think outside the box, when organising staff training days, according to a recent report.

Teaching staff new skills in a static and boring environment is likely to result in the information going through one ear and out the other, according to Big Hospitality who have suggested some alternative staff training days.

Allowing their staff to meet the suppliers is one technique the website suggests. “It’s one thing raving about the way your sustainable fish are caught, but another to show your team exactly how it’s done,” says the article. Employers should organise day trips and excursions so staff can gain a lasting knowledge of the products they are selling.

Whilst it is highly dependant on what industry a business is in, a brief trip abroad could teach staff things an afternoon in training room could not. For example, if you run a Italian restaurant you are likely to want your staff to know something about the culture and cuisine of the country.

Whilst it may seem costly taking your team abroad, an annual trip is likely to improve your employees knowledge which in turn, enhances their service skills. If your company really can’t afford to take your staff abroad, why not look at venues for hire which you could then decorate using themes from the country you would like your staff to visit.

If your employees work in a customer facing role, then role play is a fantastic way of preparing them for tricky situations. Acting out different scenarios can inspire confidence in your staff and prepares them so they can respond in the best possible way, if and when those situations arise at work.