Get the best from business meetings, claims expert

Business meetings have the opportunity to make a resurgence in 2012 if firms take the time to nail every aspect of a corporate meet-up.

That’s according to Donna Merrick, HR consultant at Consult Capital, who believes while many meetings at the moment are “often blamed for being time wasters and obstacles to productivity”, firms who review the way they handle meetings can truly get the best from their meet-ups.

“There is no doubt that people can be guilty of using meetings as a way in which to fill their days rather than approaching them as forums for necessary discussions,” claimed Merrick on Fresh Business Thinking.

Merrick believes the location of meetings is key. Meetings can be held either in the office or at one of the many corporate venues available for hire across the country because “some meetings are best held face-to-face”. agrees with Merrick, citing figures stating that 60 per cent of meeting planners expect the number of meetings arranged by businesses to increase in 2012.

In addition, if a firm is taking the time to book corporate space, it’s important to ensure it’s for a crucial issue; one which requires such a venue. If a small inter-departmental meeting around a desk in the office can resolve a simple, quick issue, so be it.

“Plan, prepare and set the structure,” added Merrick. “Think about why you want the meeting in the first place and what you want to achieve, and then set a clear agenda.

“Preparing for a meeting is not a waste of time providing those involved know exactly what the objectives of a meeting are and what want in return for their preparation.”