Glitter, beads and heels essential for those hoping for a New Year's kiss

Pamela Wood, a stylist and designer, has suggested that ladies looking to grab a midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve should dress to impress and break out the glitter, beads and heels.

According to, Ms Wood says that it’s not vital to dress over the top though, as a simple t-shirt or sweater with a mini or maxi skirt can look just as good. However, she does recommend ladies show off their best bits in order to find someone to kiss at the New Year’s Eve party come midnight.

“Show off your sexiest body parts so that you can start the flirting off right,” she explains. “If your legs are your favourite body part then lead in with a mini skirt or flattering pant with heels that you can manage for an entire night of dancing.”

A separate article on, says that those who don’t want to wear heels can opt for some dressy pumps instead. Even if partygoers choose to wear simple jeans, some trendy velvet shoes can help dress the outfit up. Moreover, those who are reusing an outfit can make it look brand new by adding a couple of accessories here and there.

Ms Wood mentions that not all ladies want to carry around a clutch bag around with them all night either, especially when they’re dancing. So instead, she recommends investing in a cross body bag with a bit of glam as a good alternative to a sparkly clutch.