Government called upon to help hospitality industry

The government needs to be doing more when it comes to championing the hospitality sector.

That’s according to a report by the British Hospitality Association (BHA), who believe there is a “real opportunity” to create more than 236,000 jobs in the industry by 2015.

Currently, the sector represents one in every 13 jobs and directly contributes £49 billion to the economy. Hospitality can come in the form of the entertainment of people attending clubs, bars, clubs, resorts, event spaces and other services for tourists.

However, the industry and government need a greater relationship in order to progress. The BHA is proposing an annual meeting between the Prime Minister, cabinet ministers and members of the BHA in order to talk over issues that are facing the industry.

In addition, the meeting would also suggest creating a “cross-cabinet committee” for hospitality and tourism.

“It is very encouraging to see a well established association take such a strong position on the important issues that are affecting us all,” claims Paul Hopkins, general manager of the AC division at LG Electronics who partnered with BHA for the report, cited by

“Sustainability and energy efficiency being key areas where the BHA can support their membership to save money, improve services to their customers and help deliver the government’s carbon reduction commitment.”