Grooms are becoming more involved in wedding planning

Grooms are becoming more involved in the planning of their weddings, according to This appears to be a break away from the tradition of the bride and her bridesmaids planning most of the event.

Over half of grooms-to-be now choose the wedding reception venue and some of them even make the final decision on the flowers. Around a third of them help to choose the cake, as well as sticking to the more traditional decisions such as hiring the band. reported that a study by Austin Reed found grooms are actively making decisions and having a say in how the day will run. They’re more frequently being put in charge of haggling on prices with suppliers to drive down the cost of the big day.

A spokesman for Austin Reed said: “Naturally there are going to be elements of any wedding which are more suited to the bride or groom – nobody expects the groom to get fully absorbed in discussions about the bridesmaids’ hair for example – but it’s important there is room for the groom to stand out on his big day too.”

Many couples found that organising their wedding was made much easier when the groom became more involved in the preparations.