Grooms should be involved in wedding planning

At one time, a groom’s job was to propose, choose a best man and ensure that after a rather adventurous stag do that he stands dutifully by the altar.

Brides on the other hand conjure up the stereotypical ‘bridezilla’ image, planning every minute detail with or without the help of a mother-in-law. From choosing a magical wedding reception venue, to selecting the menu and of course finding the perfect dress, brides once took all the organisation upon themselves.

However, grooms are now hoping to take more of a prolific role in organising the big day, with BBC Three programme ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ following a number of grooms who are solely in charge of wedding planning. Whilst choosing all the wedding attire, food, venue, flowers and honeymoon isn’t every groom’s idea of an ideal situation, more and more are wishing to become more involved in the planning process, according to Wedding Chaos.

Even wedding shows are increasing their focus on the groom, with one Wedding and Lifestyle Show in Yorkshire creating a specialist area for grooms to socialise, play blackjack or watch football, in between helping with the wedding planning. It is hoped that by creating ‘man-friendly’ areas at wedding events, grooms will be even more encouraged to attend and get involved in choosing the cake, trying on suits or picking table decorations.