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Grooms start taking over wedding planning

Grooms are taking over as wedding planners, according to The traditional bride-dominated role is increasingly being managed by men.

Research by Microsoft Office 365 found that three quarters of wedding planners said it was the grooms making the final decisions. While men had historically tended to sit back and let their partner handle the majority of the arrangements, they are now showing an increasing interest in the plans for the big day.

29 per cent of grooms are using technology to assist with everything from dress fittings to virtual tours. Being able to see the wedding reception venue on a computer may be easier for some grooms to start making arrangements while they’re busy at work.

Celebrity wedding planner Mark Niemierko said: “Tech tools also appeal to guys and help them get even more hands-on in what has traditionally been the domain of the bride.

“Technology is an essential part of planning a wedding these days, from managing the budget and timelines through to creating mood boards for inspiration and much, much more.” reports couples are spending more on their weddings now with figures in 2012 reaching close to the amounts that were being spent in 2008, before the recession.