Half of business travel buyers responsible for booking meetings too

Just over half of business travel buyers are also responsible for selecting corporate venues and booking meetings, according to a survey by the Business Travel & Meetings Show (BTMS).

“With an increasing number of travel buyers assuming responsibility for meetings, it’s essential that the industry’s leading conference programme embraces and reflects this change,” commented BTMS event director David Chapple.

That’s partly due to cost-cutting, revealed Mr Chapple in a feature published by Air and Business Travel News.

“Throw in the fact that everywhere you look costs are rising, and rising fast, suddenly it becomes a very unenviable challenge” to try and balance tightening budgets with price hikes, he said.

Mr Chapple explained that when it comes to looking at costs, a buyer has little control over what they can pay for the direct costs. “Which is why – for what it’s worth – my advice is to stop focusing so much on direct costs and spend more energy identifying and managing the indirect ones,” he said.

This means that instead of compromising on travel or corporate venues, a buyer can instead look into other issues such as saving time, which saves money on the indirect and smaller elements of organising events and meetings.