Half of business travellers cite cost as most pressing concern

Despite appearing optimistic over their future prospects, a new survey shows cost representing the top concern among businesses travellers, reports citmagazine.com.

Research from ATPI Group shows over half of delegates (53 per cent) applying a great deal of attention to driving down the cost of their trips as their businesses continue to shake off the effects of the recession.

It was therefore of little surprise to see 55 per cent of the group booking their flights in advance to save money on travel. This is up from the 50 per cent who took the same cost-saving measure in 2013. 

Peter Muller, ATPI’s chief operating officer for Europe and the USA, told buyingbusinesstravel.com: “Despite optimism at the start of the year regarding economic growth, the message from travel buyers is clear, reducing costs is still the main priority when it comes to business travel.”

Meanwhile 64 per cent of the 150 travel buyers surveyed were of the opinion that risk assessment should become a bigger priority in the arrangement of business travel.

Another key concern for business travellers in 2014 is flexibility with travel policies, with ATPI considering this, along with an increase in advanced planning, as a sign that businesses travel is upping its contribution to the economy.