Heathrow fights to prove it needs to expand the most

Heathrow claims that its the only airport that can connect long-haul growth markets to every part of the UK.

According to buyingbusinesstravel.com, its hub status allows it to connect to such destinations and Heathrow states that an expansion is vital for economic growth. The airport is planning to submit a new report, which outlines how new rail and air links will be beneficial to both passengers and businesses across the UK, to the Airports Commission.

At the moment, the Airports Commission is considering two different expansion options for Heathrow. Gatwick Airport is also being considered for an expansion, as it is campaigning for a second runway.

Heathrow will state that it offers the shortest journey times to Bristol, Manchester and Sheffield, among other cities. Moreover, HS2 and Crossrail will also be heavily mentioned in the report, reports ft.com.

Colin Matthews, chief executive at Heathrow, says the airport is currently the best connected transport hub in the UK.

“It is in a better location for most UK passengers and companies than other options for airport expansion,” he explains.

“If we want growth for the future we need connections to the world’s fast growing markets and that means a hub airport like Heathrow. We also need to bring the benefits of additional trade, tourism and economic growth to the whole country, not just to London and the South-East.”