Heathrow's Terminal 2 opening in stages

Terminal 2 at Heathrow is opening in stages to avoid a repetition of the disastrous opening of Terminal 5.

According to bbc.co.uk, when Terminal 5 opened in 2008, the airport descended into chaos, as staff failed to cope with the new baggage and computer systems. Terminal 2, also known as the ‘Queen’s Terminal’, officially opens today (June 4) but will only be operating at ten per cent capacity. This means only 34 flights and 6,000 passengers will be passing through.

When the terminal eventually reaches full capacity, it will see 330 flights a day to 50 different destinations by 26 airlines, reports freshbusinessthinking.com.

Heathrow development director, John Holland-Kaye, says the new terminal will transform the airport.   

“Opening a new terminal is one of the most complex challenges that any airport can undertake,” he states. “Our measure of success is not everything running perfectly on day one; there will inevitably be things we can improve. Our real measure of success is whether T2 comes to be rated by passengers as one of the world’s best airport terminals for years to come.”

T2 consists of 17 restaurants, 33 shops, 60 check-in gates, 66 self-check-in kiosks and 29 security lanes. It’s very first flight was a United Airlines Boeing 767 from Chicago, which carried 178 passengers and 11 crew members. It arrived at 05:49 BST this morning.