Hospitality can tackle youth employment crisis, claims Hilton

A white paper highlighting how the firms in the hospitality sector, such as hotels and event venues, can help reduce youth joblessness has been revealed by Hilton Worldwide, reports

As the global hospitality sector is ‘uniquely positioned to provide’ help to the growing problem of youth unemployment, a roadmap has been creating by Hilton in order to help the sector create career pathways for the emerging workforce. 

The roadmap includes designing an enterprise-wide strategy for youth development, sharing best practices that ‘close the information gap on youth’ and measuring progress towards youth development goals. 

Tourism and travel will be particularly adept at forging career paths, according to the white paper. The sector, which alone employs 255 million people globally, is expected to generate 73 million new jobs by 2022. cites

Christopher J. Nassetta, president and CEO of Hilton Worldwide, commented: “We have a tremendous opportunity to prevent a lost generation of young people by helping them acquire the life skills and job training they need to be successful in the workplace and beyond.

“As a global citizen and a leader in one of the largest industries in the world, we have a business imperative and responsibility to develop solutions that preserve our collective futures,” he added.